Why National Eye Exam Month Is Important

image of a child having an eye exam

August marks National Eye Exam Month, a health awareness holiday that few have heard of until now. Eyemart Express, a leading national optical retailer and the fastest provider of quality prescription eyewear in the industry, is taking advantage of this opportunity to educate consumers about the importance of regular comprehensive eye exams, which can reveal undiagnosed health issues.

“Vision health should be part of the healthy lifestyle conversation because the eyes are linked to so many parts of the body,” said Dr. Tom Patera, Eyemart Express senior executive vice president of professional affairs. “Comprehensive eye exams only take a few minutes but can be telling about overall health by indicating diabetes, high cholesterol, or even cancer.”

Those who already wear contacts should get annual eye exams to keep prescriptions current and check for eye diseases. People who wear glasses or with perfect 20/20 vision should schedule comprehensive eye exams every two years.

The national optical retailer makes it easy for consumers to receive comprehensive eye exams with an independent optometrist located in or next to all Eyemart Express stores. Find your local doctor information here: https://www.eyemartexpress.com/get-glasses.

“Trendy online eye screenings may be convenient for many consumers, but they should not be a substitute for an eye exam,” said Dr. Patera. “An app is not as thorough as an optometrist and can miss red flags that an optometrist would easily identify.”

Routine eye exams may also resolve children’s learning issues. Many children suffer from underlying vision problems that go undetected and ultimately affect their ability to focus and concentrate.  More than 25 percent of children who exhibit learning difficulties in the classroom are unable to see clearly, according to The Vision Therapy Center.

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