Reading Sunscreen Labels Can Save Your Family’s Health, Announces TropicSport

Mom and baby on the beach

Reports of a toddler experiencing burns on her face after her mom spread spray-on sunscreen on her cheeks and forehead left many parents alarmed and questioning which sunscreens are safe to use on kids. With so many kid-friendly sunscreen alternatives available, making sure it’s labeled age appropriate seems like the safest thing to do. But studies are proving that parents need to show caution when choosing the right sunscreen for their kids.

“You wouldn’t grocery shop for your family without reading the nutrition label and knowing what you are feeding your kids,” said Lisa Palmer, co-founder of TropicSport reef-friendly mineral sunscreen and skincare line, and mother of two. “With recent studies showing the detrimental effects to our health of toxic chemicals found in sunscreen, I can’t imagine parents not taking the same care when buying sun protection for their kids.”

Palmer says that consumers would be shocked to find that approximately 70 percent of sunscreens – including those labeled kid-friendly – contain harmful chemicals such as oxybenzone, octinoxate, avobenzone and octocrylene. They can lead to cancer, and studies have shown them to potentially result in kidney and liver dysfunction, and nervous system disorders.

Compared to chemical lotions, chemical spray-on sunscreens can be more harmful. They’re toxic, the fumes linger in the air where we inhale them, and they’re flammable. Within 20 minutes of applying any chemical sunscreen, the toxins enter the bloodstream, and are detected in urine.

“Using the right sunscreen without any chemicals, including avobenzone, is the safest thing to do. Avobenzone is a derivative of oxybenzone, which is used as a stabilizer, making the sunscreen just as harmful,” added Palmer. “Visit the Environmental Working Group’s website to see if your family’s sunscreen is safe. Ours ranks at the top, and we’re continuing to make it even better.”

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