Almond Snacks That Pack a Punch

Own your everyday, every day with simple and delicious snacks from registered dietitian Lindsey Pine (PRNewsfoto/California Almonds)

Whether driving around for meetings and errands, juggling family commitments or rolling through back-to-back calls at work, everyone can relate to feeling strapped for time. Snacks are often the trusty sidekick of the day, since no one wants those hunger pangs to strike in the middle of the afternoon. But not all snacks are created equal—after all, who hasn’t munched on something convenient but then regretted it?

To remedy the problem of snacks that just don’t cut it, California Almonds partnered with registered dietitian and sports nutritionist Lindsey Pine to create five delicious almond snacks. They’re simple enough to be prepared in a to-go container and can help everyone conquer whatever the day may bring—whether it’s push-ups or packed schedules.

“It’s easy to fall into a snack rut when you’re constantly on the go,” Pine said. “With these fun, flavorful ideas, you can freshen up your snack routine without much effort and get the nutrition you need to own your day. Each one has five ingredients or less, so after you make them it’s easy to DIY again and again.”

Quick Prep Ideas

For those who feel like they’re in a pickle when they’re stuck without a snack, Pine created Quick Garlic Dill Pickle Almonds. They combine the flavor of everyone’s favorite burger topping with the protein and fiber from almonds to create a snack that will help crunch that ever-growing to-do list.

For workout fiends looking to beat their personal bests, Pine has created Almond Flax Bites that pack 12-grams of powerful protein. Fruit Salad with Almonds is a sweet, refreshing snack that is perfect for hot summer days, and Hummus and Almond Wrap is ideal for those looking for a salty snack while on the go. Pine also has crunchy Almond and White Bean Slaw that will satisfy hunger for hours.

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Less Time? Just Plan.

Pine recommends almonds for their convenience and rich nutrition. In addition to almonds’ 6 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber per serving, the healthy snack is also rich in vitamin E and magnesium. So if these snack preparations aren’t coming together on a busy day, she encourages looking for roasted, unsalted almonds, flavored almonds or other almond snacks at the store.

“There are so many great ready-made flavored almonds these days as well as almond-based bars, balls and other satisfying snacks,” she said. “The point isn’t to spend a lot of time prepping, but to set yourself up for snack time success in the way you know will really work for you. Whether you prep an almond fruit salad or just pack a handful of roasted almonds with a cheese stick and an apple, you can avoid last-minute snack choices you’ll regret and help your body be its best.”

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