Nutrition Experts Recommend Potatoes as Summer Fuel of Choice

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We all know our bodies need fuel to perform at our best. And, the higher quality the fuel, the better our bodies feel – especially during the heat of the most active season of the year: summer. Allen Tran, high performance dietitian and chef for U.S. Ski & Snowboard, points to potatoes as a powerhouse vegetable that helps keep his athletes’ summer meals both interesting and nutrition-packed.

“The US Ski & Snowboard team isn’t taking a break from training just because it’s summer,” says Tran, registered Sports Dietitian. “These athletes are thinking about nutrition all year long. I like to keep meals exciting for them, and leverage key ingredients, like potatoes, in portable ways to work with their busy schedules. One of my go-to grab-and-go breakfast options is a mini frittata that offers an ideal balance of protein, carbohydrate and fat for pre-exercise. It’s easy to prep a big batch in advance and is totally customizable to your taste buds and fueling needs.”

This summer, shake up your grub-game with the limitless flavor combinations and prep methods of potatoes. With the carbohydrate, potassium, and energy you need to perform at your best, potatoes go beyond just delivering on taste and can give your summer training routine the boost it needs, too.

Here’s why experts like Tran recommend potatoes as performance fuel:

Carbohydrate: A medium (5.2 ounce) skin-on potato contains 26 grams of carbohydrates – the primary fuel for your brain and a key source of energy for muscles.1

Potassium: Potatoes are considered one of the best sources of potassium. A medium (5.2 ounce) skin-on potato contains 620 milligrams – that’s even more potassium than a medium-sized banana. Potassium is an important electrolyte that aids in muscle, cardiovascular and nervous system function.

Energy: Potatoes are easily digestible and more energy-packed than any other popular vegetable. A medium (5.2 ounce) skin-on potato contains 110 calories.

Want to eat like a high-performance athlete? This Portable Egg and Potato Mini Frittata recipe, created by Allen Tran, is the ultimate pre-workout boost and uses a muffin tin for easy prep. Plus, you can try them in a range of flavor customizations for a frittata option for everyone to enjoy!

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