New Recipes to Add to the 4th of July Celebrations

The United States of America is preparing for Independence Day celebrations. The sound of the anthem, barbecues and fireworks will be an expression of taste and joy in all the states, from north to south and from east to west. Olives from Spain wants to add to the celebrations by introducing delicious proposals for the grills and for dessert.

Olives from Spain and the European Union are developing a campaign to promote American awareness regarding the possibilities of table olives when it comes to incorporating them into all kinds of recipes. The Have an Olive Day site has not been oblivious to the celebrations of the 4th of July. Because of this, a recipe has been developed, specifically designed to bring all the flavor of its Mediterranean origin to the barbecues of the United States, which is available everywhere in the country. This will be an explosion of flavors to celebrate the explosions of joy, demonstrated on the 4th July.

The 4th of July is an important day for USA. As such, its most characteristic symbols are manifested in the millions of celebrations that take place throughout the United States. The whole country is filled with flags; Americans can hear The Star-Spangled Banner in endless versions and can see fireworks across the skies of all the cities of the country.

Barbecues, an icon of North American cuisine, are prepared with the best ingredients, which will be served to celebrate independence. Olives from Spain have developed the following recipes to promote olives and celebrate independence:

There are many other ideas for making the Independence Day menus at

Have an Independence Day. Have an Olive Day.

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