Entertaining Ideas for Backyards of Any Size

Outdoor entertaining is attainable for backyards of any size this summer when incorporating simple design elements that will make an intimate space feel more festive, fun and functional for gatherings small and large.

“Create a space that’s intimate and functional by placing furniture around the perimeter,” said TIKI Design Partner, Tyler Wisler. “You don’t need large patio furniture that takes up a lot of space if you don’t have it. Accent smaller furniture pieces with large throw pillows that can be used for additional seating.”

After you’ve defined the space and seating area, add accent pieces that will bring in ambiance.

“Lighting is the most important element to creating an inviting atmosphere,” said Wisler. “I like to use a variety of TIKI Brand Table Torches for low multi-tiered lighting that creates a warmer and intimate feeling.”

Lighting can also show your guests where the party areas are.

“Guide the way for guests with TIKI Brand Torches,” suggests Wisler. “Not only do torches look beautiful, but when you fill them with the BiteFighter Torch Fuel, you’ll make sure your food gets eaten and not your guests.”

Now that the space is ready for guests, this summer, don’t forget to enjoy your own party.

“At the end of the day, you should be enjoying yourself as much as the guests,” says Wisler. “So, plan as far in advance as you can, but once the party starts, be a part of it. Guests can sense your energy or anxiety. Breathe, and have a good time!”

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