Americans With Sleep Disorders Report Impact on Quality of Life

Sleep problems, difficulty initiating and maintaining sleep, nonrestorative sleep, and excessive daytime sleepiness are associated with adverse effects on well-being, functioning, and quality of life. Clearly, these serious consequences provide the need for treatment options that address the condition and enhance quality of life—outcomes that walk together hand in hand.

In important ways, sleep disorder sufferers are just like everyone else: on average, they are about as likely as the next person to view themselves as optimists and to enjoy pursuing lives filled with challenge, novelty and change. Yet in other ways, their sleep-related issues may adversely influence their sense of personal empowerment and their emotional well-being, finds market research firm Packaged Facts in the report Sleep Management in the U.S.: Consumer Strategies.

For example:

  • Those diagnosed with “insomnia/sleep disorder” are more than 50% more likely than adults on average to agree that there is little they can do to change their lives.
  • Those diagnosed with “snoring/sleep apnea” are more than three times more likely than adults on average to have suffered from depression in last 12 months.

Sleep issues are often caused or strongly influenced by other health- and environment-related factors. In this respect, troubled sleep adds to the weight dragging down their quality of life.

Sleep disorder sufferers are inclined to view medication as a means of achieving agency in the quest for improved quality of life. By helping to treat and manage their conditions, medication can provide them with a sense of agency and empowerment they may otherwise lack.

For many, medication may help bring back needed balance to quality of life: those diagnosed with “insomnia/sleep disorder” are 40% more likely than average to say that medication for their health condition has really made life better. This translates to almost 6 in 10 who agree with this statement.

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