Own This Almond Day and Beyond with a Nutrient-Rich Snack as Your Sidekick

There’s a lot of stuff to do every day. Yep, no news there. Getting through it all is part of our everyday routine. But for many people, getting things checked off the to-do list, and taking care of the people around us, is something we take pride in. It’s good to feel a sense of accomplishment when the day is done. To celebrate “owning the everyday,” just in time for Almond Day on February 16, California Almonds has launched a new campaign with the tagline, “Own Your Everyday, Every Day.”

The campaign applauds busy people who get stuff done. The first in a series of TV ad spots is now live, airing on NBC during the Olympics, and features a smart, almond-snacker mom who creatively motivates her kids. Future ads will humorously highlight other common, everyday moments where almond snackers “own it.”

To provide further inspiration for Almond Day and beyond, the campaign brings together Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Christy Brissette and food blogger Maryanne Cabrera of The Little Epicurean to offer new, simple snacking ideas, along with heart-smart wellness tips to help fuel anyone’s fast-paced life.  From make-ahead snacks like date almond bites and almond fruit pizza to chia pudding and an energy-boosting almond matcha latte, there are many ways almonds can be enjoyed every day.

Brissette knows the importance of keeping a smart snack on hand to power through whatever the day brings. “Almonds are the perfect trifecta of health, taste and convenience,” she says. “They have a great combination of protein, fiber and the nutrients you need to stay nourished and own your to-dos.”

This #AlmondDay, California Almonds’ social media fans are encouraged to share how they incorporate almonds into their busy schedules using #OwnYourEveryDay and #AlmondDay. Visit Almonds.com/Consumers/Own-Almond-Day for more information, tips and recipes and Almonds.com/Consumers/Snacking/Own-Your-Everyday to check out more ads and fresh content.

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