How to Survive Valentine’s When You Are Single

Now that Valentine’s Day is approaching, it is nearly impossible to ignore the steady drumbeat of couples’ photos, pictures of flowers and chocolates, and heart-shaped knickknacks lining store shelves. Yet all these reminders of true love can be particularly challenging for single people who haven’t found their “one and only” and struggle with feelings of envy, loneliness and unworthiness.

Jennie Lynn, author of Magnetic Love: Stop Chasing What You Want…Start Attracting It (Hasmark Publishing), empathizes with people who feel this pain and hopes to empower millions to give Valentine’s Day real meaning by finally finding their soul mate.

Instead of avoiding social media, Jennie Lynn suggests singles look within to make themselves stronger candidates for love. She found the love of her life almost instantly when she applied the following simple principles:

  • Discover what love really is so you know when you have found it
  • Banish fear — learn how what you are afraid of subconsciously blocks you without you even knowing it
  • Establish a positive self-image – the better a person you are, the better a person you will attract
  • Bullet proof yourself from relationship faux pas so you can not only find love but keep it forever

Praise for Magnetic Love

Magnetic Love is the only kind of love there is … When we learn to master our mind, we transform our lives.” – Bob Proctor, featured in the film The Secret

“A goldmine of wisdom that involves victory in loving yourself, happiness in relationships, fulfillment in health, money freedom and anything you desire.” – New York Times best-selling author Peggy McColl

Free Offers

A free report on critical mistakes keeping you single complete with a valuable checklist can be obtained at

Jennie Lynn invites readers to visit or Amazon.comwhere many versions of the book are available.

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