3 Simple Tips To Reduce The Spread Of Workplace Germs This Winter-Germ Season

Winter-germ season is in full swing, and GOJO, the inventors of PURELL® Hand Sanitizer and the leading global producer and marketer of skin health and hygiene solutions for away-from-home settings, shares three simple tips on how to reduce the spread of germs and the flu in the workplace.

A recent study found that 70 percent of workers in the United States have come to work sick1. Couple this with reports of wide-spread flu activity, and it is evident that we are all looking for ways to reduce the spread of germs, especially in an office setting. The following are preventive measures we can all take to help us stay healthy.

  1. Offer hand hygiene products and make them readily available. Ensure restrooms are stocked with soap, and place alcohol-based hand sanitizer, as well as hand sanitizing wipes, around workstations to allow workers to practice good hand hygiene at key moments throughout the day.
  2. Disinfect and clean frequently touched surfaces. Be sure to regularly disinfect and clean frequently touched surfaces and objects, like copiers, breakroom tables, doorknobs and shared computers, with products formulated to not only kill 99.99 percent of germs, but also contain no harsh fumes or chemicals.
  3. Stay Home. If you are sick, be sure to stay home to not spread illness-causing germs to your co-workers.

GOJO provides information and education to help promote effective hygiene this winter-germ season. Businesses and the public can go to GOJO.com/coldandflu.


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