New Year, New You – Diet & Exercise Not Enough? Dr. Capizzi Shares How to Reach Your Best Self in 2018

The New Year is here, and with it, resolutions to adhere to a healthier lifestyle. But what about those for whom traditional diet and exercise plans aren’t enough to reach their personal goals? Dr. Peter Capizzi, head of the Capizzi MD cosmetic surgery and aesthetic services practice and a double board-certified cosmetic surgeon, recommends consulting with a medical professional for a customized approach. His go-to program: a solution that reengineers metabolism, altering it hormonally to radically change the way the body burns fat.

The Capizzi MD Wellness Program is centered on the use of HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a protein hormone found in our pituitary glands that triggers the body’s metabolism to burn fat deposits – and shed unwanted pounds. When combined with a healthy diet and a reasonable exercise plan, HCG injections can keep the weight off permanently, as hunger is suppressed and the body’s natural metabolism is reset.

The delivery method is key to HCG’s success: while there have been multiple attempts to create the same great results with an HCG pill, spray or ointment, so far injection is the only proven delivery system. Because of this, and as weight loss is so accelerated on this plan (often a pound per day), it is vital to work with a seasoned medical professional to create an HCG-based treatment specifically for your needs and desired outcome.

“The HCG Weight Loss program is the most effective I’ve seen for my patients,” said Dr. Peter Capizzi. “When customized and administered by a medical professional such as Capizzi MD Nurse Practitioner Grace Anglin, the results are remarkable: within 15-90 days, we’ve seen weight loss of up to 100 pounds.”

In addition to HCG, the Capizzi MD Wellness Program uses B12 injections. The most common supplemental vitamin injection, B12 promotes weight loss by metabolizing fat and protein, providing energy to lead a more active lifestyle, and boosting serotonin to improve mood and help control hunger and cravings. In some cases, a prescription of the appetite suppressant phentermine may also be given, under careful supervision.

“All of the elements of the Capizzi MD Wellness Program – HCG, B12, phentermine, diet and exercise plans – rely on administration by a knowledgeable medical professional,” notes Dr. Capizzi. “Anyone seeking to leverage any of these elements to reach their goals should seek a physician practice that will tailor your weight loss program to your specific medical and aesthetic needs. The plan should be based on thorough lab work, taking your measurements and discussing your goals and concerns.”

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