Carbs are Not the Enemy: Natural Foods Company Believes They Are The Secret to Gut Well-Being

Australian natural foods company, Freedom Foods, who entered the U.S. market with their range of Barley+ breakfast muesli products and Barley+ snack bars in July, is on a mission to educate Americans about the difference between unrefined whole grains and highly refined carbohydrate rich foods. The increased popularity of low carbs diet in the U.S. have fueled the speculation that carbs should be significantly cut from one’s diet, but consuming unrefined whole grains like the fibrous carbohydrates found in Barley+, is a necessity for proper health. As a matter of fact, recent studies conducted by CSIRO, Australia’s leading research organization, have shown that consumption of the Australian wholegrain inside Barley+, BARLEYmax™, has been linked to positive effects on markers of gut health.

Armed with this research, Freedom Foods believed so strongly in the health benefits of the BARLEYmax™ grain they developed a range of breakfast products around it called Barley+. To further assess its benefits and prove high-quality carbs can lead to improved feelings of well-being, they asked 50 of their employees to take part in an independently-assessed study to track results associated with Barley+ intake. Conducted over a 28-day period, participants substituted their normal daily breakfast with Barley+ Muesli and a Barley+ Muesli Bar each day as a snack. At the conclusion of the study, results showed significant reductions in group mean body weight, body fat and body mass index (BMI), and a significant positive shift in feelings of anger.

After seeing these encouraging health potentiating benefits of Barley+, the company developed its Barley+ “28-Day Reboot Nutrition and Lifestyle Program” to communicate to Americans the benefits of ‘good’ carbohydrate rich foods and to demonstrate how small dietary and lifestyle changes can lead to better health. The U.S. program launched with California-based certified Nutritional Counsellor and Holistic Health Practitioner Catalina Martone, host of the popular Podcast Healthy Gut Girl. Her weekly podcast explores the benefits of good gut health and the microbiome, and averages over 10, 000 downloads around the world each week. Like many Americans, she had reservations about incorporating more grains into her diet.

“I’ve been advocating about the benefits of gut health for a long time so I was sceptical about a grain actually delivering on its claims,” says Catalina Martone. “Those hesitations went away after I felt the benefits inside my gut and saw them physically, having dropped three inches across my waist by the end of the challenge. The unique fiber mix in Barley+ kept me fuller for longer, while helping me feed my good gut bacteria.”
The program has since been tested with women across Tennessee, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania with similar results reported.

“While results like this are great to see, nutritional science research also shows that eating more wholegrains reduces our risk of chronic diseases, like type-2 diabetes and heart disease, while helping to control our weight,” says Dr Joanna McMillan, Nutrition Advisor to Freedom Foods Group. “Those wanting to add more good carbs into their diet should understand that it has to be a high-quality grain. Refined grains do not deliver the above health benefits and may even increase our risk for disease. Instead, look for wholegrains, like the ones inside Barley+, which contain several types of fiber and prebiotics.”
Less than one third of U.S. adults eat the recommended three-ounce serving of grain foods a day, which could be a result of carbohydrates having been given a bad reputation. Recent studies have indicated that whole grains were found to decrease colorectal cancer risk.* Barley+ makes it easy to achieve the recommended amount, as just one serving of Barley+ Toasted Muesli delivers almost two-ounce equivalents of wholegrains, nearly two-thirds of the recommended daily intake.

Kroger Supermarkets has become the first in the world to launch the Barley+ range, with distribution continuing to expand in the both the U.S. and Australia. The toasted muesli collection is comprised of three delicious flavors: Cranberry and Nuts, Pink Lady and Macadamia Muesli, and Maple and Nut and retails for $6.49. For more information on Barley+, visit

*American Institute for Cancer Research. (2017, September 7). Whole grains decrease colorectal cancer risk, processed meats increase the risk: Report analyzing the global research finds hot dogs and other processed meats increase risk of colorectal cancer, eating more whole grains and being physically active lowers risk. ScienceDaily. Retrieved October 24, 2017 from

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