Almost 9 out of 10 American Adults Lack Skills Needed to Manage Health and Prevent Disease

TAVHealth, an organization that connects healthcare providers, payers, community, and philanthropic organizations to help solve the Social Determinants of Health with its collaborative, cloud-based platform, announced today the importance of recognizing National Health Literacy Month. According to the National Action Plan to Improve Health Literacy, nearly 9 out of 10 adults have difficulty using and understanding routine health information. In an age where we are trying to improve health outcomes and reduce unnecessary hospital visits, understanding the importance of health literacy is crucial.

“With the transition to value-based care it is imperative the post-discharge patient understands their care plan when they leave the hospital.  Today, nearly one third of American adults struggle with basic or below basic health literacy. In order to improve health we need to meet individuals where they are and make sure they can understand and follow their plan,” commented TAVHealth Founder and CEO, Jamo Rubin, M.D.

Increasingly, providers, payers, and community organizations are collaborating to make sure individuals and families understand complex instructions. Failing to adhere to post-acute care instructions is a key factor in hospital readmissions and increased healthcare costs. On average, adults with low health literacy experience 4 times higher healthcare costs, 6% more hospital visits, and 2-day longer hospital stays.

To learn more about health literacy in the U.S., download TAVHealth’s recent white paper, ‘Solving the Social Determinants of Health by Improving Health Literacy’ by visiting

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