Have an Olive Day

Olives give us that touch of flavor that we need to be able to turn any dish into something amazing. We can enjoy them just as we find them at our point of sale or we can test our imagination so that every day is an Olive Day.

The amazing table olives have been the favorites of the towns that surround the Mediterranean Sea for more than 2,000 years. It is also the sea that unites three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa, which has made it possible for a tradition like the Mediterranean Diet to continue today.

Everything that surrounds table olives of Spain, world leader in production and quality, is amazing. It is their way of picking the fruits of the olive grove, with great care not to damage them and that it reaches the consumer round and shiny. It is also the huge range of varieties throughout the Spanish olive grove, the largest in the world. Amazing for its diversity of presentations, whole, boned, sliced or being stuffed in over 140 different ways.

It is finally possible to enjoy the best of the Mediterranean pantry in the US by merely approaching your usual point of sale and choosing between the Queen, Manzanilla or Hojiblanca to take home the essence of a gastronomy that continues to seduce foodies around the world in the same way that it convinces the experts of nutrition.

Recipe proposals from the Ambassador of the olives in the US are also available on your mobile devices, computers and tablets. From the hand of the chef José Andrés, we can discover the reason why olives go well with everything: they are the only fruit that contains the four basic flavors that we find in all foods. An infinite number of possibilities in salt, of course, but also in acid and in bitter and … why not … in sweet! Four reasons to make amazing recipes like these:

Spanish omelet with olives
Spanish gazpacho with olives
… or the ones you will find at www.haveanoliveday.eu.

Have an amazing day, have an olive day.

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