Thirteen-Year-Old Launches Organic Cupcake Franchise Aimed at Healthier Eating

Texas teenager Nina Warda has announced the creation of “Nina’s Organic Cupcakes,” a business venture designed to offer healthier snacks and celebration foods. Nina is an advocate for teaching adults and kids alike about the benefits of good nutrition. She developed the concept of organic cupcakes that are made from safe ingredients and free of harmful toxins, artificial dyes and GMOs (genetically modified organisms) to fill in a niche in today’s crowded but terribly unhealthy food landscape. The fledgling company is currently accepting new investors, for the purpose of nationwide franchising.

Nina is a Certified Nutrition Coach, a Certified Raw Food & Plant Based Chef, and an entrepreneur. Even at her young age, she has been determined to get the word out about the need for better eating habits for a long time. She has been outspoken in her crusade to make people realize that they can take control of their own health.

The idea for Nina’s Organic Cupcakes came from personal experience. “One day I was invited to a birthday party, and when it was time for the cake, the mom brought out¬†vibrantly colored cupcakes,” she explains. But Nina knew that those were loaded with artificial flavorings and colors. “Well, I didn’t eat it, but it got my imagination going: how could I make an organic version of the cupcakes so I and others could enjoy it – but without harming our bodies at the same time?”

The thirteen-year-old has produced numerous videos on food-related topics and cooking lessons. Her entire family is taking part in the business, as her older brother Alex, 15, and both her parents have studied nutrition, organic cooking and food preparation as well. The goal is to spread the word that eating healthier doesn’t mean giving up fun, delicious foods. It’s all about becoming educated and making wise decisions about what you put in your body. Nina sees her new franchise as one small but very important step in the right direction.


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